Sunday, March 15, 2009

Unique Village

In the Irani@n; province East Azerbaijan, on northern slope of extinct volcano, the artful Azerbaijanians once have constructed unique village.The matter is that houses in village Kandovan are cut directly in rocks, in each rock on the house. The age of some of them exceeds 700 years.The nature has grown up these sharp as canines of a rock, people needed to chisel through only in them rooms and to insert windows and doors. Some doors conduct small twisting ladders. The court yard have also additional economic constructions. Owners decorate the ancient dwellings with modern openwork lattices. In due course inhabitants of these freakish rocks have expanded the houses with stone extensions. Balconies and bridges also increase inhabited space and do its more convenient. In the center of village there is a five-stars hotel. It also has been cut from rocks and is unique similar hotel of Iran. Cost of number from a jacuzzi of 200 dollars.


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