Friday, March 23, 2007

The Education Resource Centre 'The Core'

Big Build 2

The Education Resource Centre 'The Core'

From the start to the finish of Big Build 2 Latest pictures at the top


19/09/05 The view from 'Jo's' cafe veranda.

19/09/05 The Core surrounded with smoke, and throbbing with colour erupted in a column of

white light and fireworks, what a sight to see.

06/09/05 Solar energy generated by the 'Core' The Core attracted a lot of visitors on a sunny September day.

01/09/05 The vast exhibit hall of the new Education Resource Centre 'The Core' opened it's doors for the first time to the public this morning, this building alone is worth a visit to the Eden Project. The official full opening, will be on the 19th of September.


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